Tulsa Generators for Residences


As a homeowner in Tulsa you have many things to be aware of with all the season changes. In a day we can have a Tornado, 90 degree sunshine, and a blizzard in a matter of twenty four hours. Causing an unexpected inconvenient power outage. This keeps us on our toes to be sure our home is always prepared for what our weather has in store for us. The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa is well aware of what steps are needed to help prepare for your next power outage. With over 2,000 customers in the Tulsa region alone, we can say we have a few tips and tricks to get you a home standby generator.

Not all residential customers need the same generator application for their home. Some are needing a secondary backup power source for medical reasons. Now on the other hand… in the great state of Oklahoma we have a lot of hunters with many trophies hidden in their freezers. So all that game meat needs to be protected somehow in the case of a power outage. In as little under 3 hours a freezer could thaw enough to spoil thousands of dollars of meat. The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa has seen many homes with many needs. If you have a small business, a home full of family, or even some scary limbs over a power line we can be sure you will be covered in what’s to come.

Many of our customers always ask what are the perks of owning a generator from The Generator Guy of Generator Tulsa?” That is an easy one. With the experience of an electrical background and a full service generator company we have no other distractions from your generator. So when we go in for training on a backup generator we are only updating our techs with the tools they need to work on your unit. Electrical codes are always changing and we strive to stay on top of all the updates for your safety and convenience. When you give The Generator Guy a call we will promptly build your file and prep our tech with the tools needed custom to your generator.

Not everyone owns a generator from The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa. Some of you are here looking for a new unit. If that is you… let us pick your brain on how we could help steer you to the proper generator with a great Installation/service team! On average we install 5-20 generators in a week and maintain about 25-40 units a week depending on the season we are in. With so many customers, our attention is directed to the quality of our service and response speed. So if you lose power for three days you will not have to worry about not calling us on a Sunday night at 10pm. (We are still prepared for that call.) Because nothing can be perfect we strive to be as accurate as possible. So if your generator tries to give you trouble we already have a solution to get it resolved.

On previous installations we received many questions in regards to the warranty process of your generator. The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa, is a premiere generator company for a reason. You need to know what you’re truly covered under when it comes to your home standby generator. We offer a wide range of generator warranties from a 5 year basic warranty out of the box to an extended 10 year warranty. So let’s say you have your generator with the extended warranty. Then 9 years,11 months later and 1,500 hours on the engine… you lose power and the unit won’t start. You wouldn’t have to worry about hiring a reasonably cheap service provider to avoid dishing out another $1,200 on a new engine. As a warranty certified service provider  you will be covered under your unit’s warranty. At the end of the quick repair… when it comes time to file the claim and turn in the paperwork to the manufacturer, we The Generator Guy will take care of the entire process saving you the headache from current FDA regulations.

Now a new home standby generator is a big investment of your home. We understand the importance of keeping your family’s electrical needs secure as well as your financial obligations. That is why we The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa offer you many payment plans to meet your custom needs. If you need a short payment plan or a specific monthly budget we can help you meet that goal. We have seen many customers in doubt of being able to protect their electrical needs and help them overcome the financial hoops some creditors may throw at you. Allow us to use our collected experience to make the purchasing process as simple and swift as humanly possible.

In the past years a generator has become more intelligent than in previous years. Back in the day before the “home standby era”… in a power outage you would’ve  needed to go out and pull the unit out of your garage, fill it with gasoline, and then if it starts right away you will have to run extension cords to what you need to power. Now a new home standby generator from The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa is installed directly to your electrical meter and is fully automatic. With modern day advances in this generator market it is surprisingly cheaper to run your entire home rather than a partial panel. So you won’t have to worry about delegating what is more important in your home.

Now some of our customers have a home that would take an army of generators to power their needs. If that is you we have multiple options on powering up your home without having to pay for every inch of power throughout your home. With the smart management system in nearly all generators, it can delegate where the power in needed in your home without having a generator that is as big as an suv. Now let’s say you have 4 ac units. You will need a large 30kw on average to power your home… unless we stagger them all to come on one st a time reducing the instant load demand on your generator. The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa has done this many times and in result can save you on average about $7,000 worth of generator KW capability. So in other terms the home standby generators we offer are not only stronger they are smarter. Keeping up with the demands of modern day technologies.

Now some customers may have a generator that is out of warranty. If you fall under that category we have a few pointers we would like you help you with. The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa has seen a wide range of customers coming to us as a “last resort” for their generator’s life.

  1. Don’t be afraid to shop around for an estimate.
    1. We strive to stay below our competition in cost of parts, labor, and travel. We group  jobs together every day to reduce our daily operations cost to be more competitive in saving you money. So you can use it where you need it most.
  2. What is the turn around on a repair?
    1. On average we keep a tech on standby for anything that comes at us. So let’s say we are fully booked and you have a power outage and your generator isn’t working. We can usually get you in that day. You may even meet Ed the owner of the company!
  3. Cost of parts? Quality of repair?
    1. The generator guy knows most service companies believe in an extremely profitable service department. Yet we all need to make money in a business, we rather have many customers up and running that customers saving up to get their repairs done on their generators. Going with The Generator Guy you can be in peace knowing the company you hired is a company who had been with that unit since day one. Make sure who you go with only works on generator so you won’t have an Hvac tech working on your alternator assembly.

The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa would like for you to give us the opportunity to quote you on a home standby generator. With this quote you will have no obligation to buy. We are geared more towards helping you plan on your next big investment in your home and your family. With a large purchase like a home standby generator,  we want to be sure it’s done correctly and correct on the first time. We will be more than happy to give you a free on-site generator consultation showing you all the options and brands recommended for your home. Protecting your home for the next family game night, science project due tomorrow, or even a peaceful night reading your favorite book.  Give us a call at (918) 728-3077 to schedule a in-home consultation or fill out our contact us page for more details to help us meet your small or large generator needs.