They were prompt. They explained the whole process to us. They were very professional. They cleaned up perfectly after completion. We would
not hesitate to recommend Ed “The Generator Guy” to everyone. We love the peace of mind that our generator has given us! They come and service it periodically. We lose power a lot , and it has never failed us.

– Larry S.

High quality products and very professional service. I have three generators at this time and they have worked flawlessly. Ed is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful in guiding us as we choose the generators which would suit our needs the best. Soon, I will have him install the fourth and final generator on our site. During the course of my 3-year building project I have worked with a myriad of contractors in the Tulsa area. Unfortunately, I can count on one hand the contractors who were professionally qualified and trustworthy. Ed, The Generator Guy, and his crew are professionally qualified and trustworthy.

– Vivian M.

Ed and his team did a great install at my residence. Ed came out looked things over,gave me an estimate on cost and install date, all were fulfilled completely. I have had them out for a couple of things and the crew is always professional.I would recommend them to anyone. Only had to use it twice in the last year but it was fantastic having all the comforts of home while rest of the block was dark.

– Mark M.

The Generator Guy helped us move our natural gas generator and reinstalled it in 1st class fashion. They were fair on price and delivered excellent results in the field. Their entire team is great to work with and they made the process a breeze. I highly recommend them to anyone purchasing a new generator or moving an existing model to a new location. Give them a call, you’ll be glad you did!

– Evan C.

Ed and his team were extremely professional and reliable in all interactions. They engineered a solution for whole-property backup power that included multiple buildings and required interaction with various city, county, and utility representatives. They took ownership of the process from the very start and made certain that everything went smoothly. One of the best experiences I have had with a equipment and service provider. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

– Michael B.

Ed Kelley, The Generator Guy, installed and services our GE generator and the product and service are both great! The power goes out, the generator kicks on. No cold dark nights, no worries about refrigeration while we are out of town, no lapse in security coverage. We’ve been a customer of Ed’s for 4 years and still enjoy great service after the sale.

– Ron D.

Ed and his crew were amazing! They installed our first generator professionally and it worked perfectly every time I needed it! Then, when we moved they were able to relocate my generator and install it in my new house and it has worked perfectly! Love their service, how timely they are! Highly recommend!

– Paul R.

Thorough service. Punctual. Easy Scheduling. The technicians have been quite courteous and readily answer my questions in a straightforward manner. The generator area is clean after their service. No Mess. No worries. Billing is fair.

– Michael T.

Ed is great. He is very candid about his personal preference among brands of generators. His team is equally impressive. They know what they are doing and go out of their way to satisfy you. Having taken Ed’s recommendation I have a trouble free generator and excellent return service. I highly recommend The Generator Guy in Tulsa.

– Dale F.

The Generator Guy (Ed Kelley) did a thorough job of analyzing our needs and recommended what we felt was large enough to power our house in the most efficient manner during an outage. We opted for a natural gas fueled unit which Ed’s crew did an outstanding job of connecting to the existing pool heater feed to supply it. So far we have not suffered a power loss however, knowing the unit starts and operates once a week to charge the start battery as well as go through its tests gives me piece of mind knowing my wife will not be without power when I am out of town.

– John Schmutz

We have used the Generator Guy since we had our whole house generator installed in 2013. They are honest, dependable, on time and do an outstanding job every time they come to our house. They do yearly maintenance on our unit and that keeps it running reliably. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service.

– Teri J.

After putting in a Solitaire for our kids we were a little strapped. So, to hook up power from a meter on a pole 75 feet away we needed help. Ed Kelly provided every thing we needed to make that home welcoming for the best value. Rural electric lines are in a constant battle with tree limbs and often the limbs win. We will call Ed just as soon as we can afford a backup generator.

– Kelly D.

We have had our 25kw generator for 8 years. There has been a bug in it from the very beginning. It would do its weekly recycling just fine until it wouldn’t. The indicator was always the same….low coolant or overheating although it would not have run more than 15 seconds before it shut down. The service man installed a new heat sensor and we added coolant at the radiator (not the reservoir). It worked for a time. The service man came again, changed coolant and oil and it worked for several weeks. The dealer is so far away that I cannot afford to pay for the time of travel and service unless I have confidence it will work. The last time it stopped was a couple of months ago and the coolant was fine so I started it manually and ran it for about ten minutes then shut it down by putting it back on automatic. It ran well for the next two weekly cycles. It is now down again and has not run now for three consecutive weeks. As far as generating electricity, it’s just fine. But at this point it is a $11,000 expenditure that I wish I had not made.

– Sam F.

Our generator is a blessing. We have peace of mind and no need to think about looking for a hotel if our power goes out. Interruptions are momentary if they happen at all. I can count on being able to work and hubby being safe at home even in bad weather if I have to stay over at the hospital due to road conditions. And since the installer is not in business in our neighborhood to keep doing routine checks on it, The Generator Guy stepping in to follow up is greatly appreciated.

– Vikki Stefans

The Generator Guy was contracted through Lowe’s to install the generators purchased through the stores. The workers at The Generator Guy were professional and finished the job in a half of a day. They also worked with my insurance company to get my generator repaired after it was damaged from a hail storm. I would definitely recommend their services. Thanks for the great service!!

– Robert H.

I had my generator installed almost a year ago and within a day or two it ran for 12 hours straight due to a power outage. Since then it has only had to run a few times.. I have known Ed Kelley with the Generator Guy for a long time and trust his work. He helped in determining the right size of generator I needed and it was installed rather quickly. To date, my generator has done just as it is supposed to do when needed. It has been a great comfort and peace of mind having it knowing you’ll have power when the normal power is out.. About the best I can suggest is that if don’t have one , then contact Ed / Generator Guy and get one !!!

– Brad H.

Ed Kelley sells a great Generator and provides a terrific annual preventative maintenance program. When the power goes out, and it has, the generator is on immediately without any work on my part. I can rest easy that my power requirements in crazy Oklahoma weather will be stable with one of Ed Kelley’s generators.

– William D.

Excellent! Love having our generator and this company is responsive , honest and competitively priced. Remember to keep your unit serviced too! They help us to keep that schedule. You don’t want to be without in the heat of the summer or cold of the winter! You never know here in Oklahoma.

– Robin E.

Great company to do business with. Crew that installed system was very professional an did a good job. Great product and great support team. I recommend the product and the company

– Ronald B.

These are the go to guys of installation when it comes to generators. Not only did they show up on time but they were early.. I haf them install a while house generator and transfer kit at my home in Arkansas. They also have provided service to the unit when required and i must say for a couple of okies.. They are “A OK”… I wish you could give more than 5 stars cause they are well above the rest

– Reaper B.

Professional staff with impeccable attention to detail. It has been nearly 3-years since our install and the Generator Guy’s customer service for questions and annual maintenance is at the same level as day one!

– Mike B.