Tulsa Generators for Businesses


You are probably a business owner here looking for some steps you can take to protect your company from the next power outage. As the generators Tulsa expert, we can help ensure you that the next power outage won’t stop the companies crucial daily operations. For a power outage could cost you and your company hundreds to even thousands of dollars in lost revenue. With today’s day in age we rely on so many business functions that are operated with some kind of electronic device.

We have seen many businesses contact us with concerns of a client being operated on during a storm, online servers holding up larger companies, and s basic phone system. This thought in the back of your head could be removed and stored in a more peaceful part in front of your mind. That’s the the Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa offers you.

The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa knows what it takes to run a business under stressful circumstances. Running a business under pressure efficiency is one of our key goals, our day-to-day operations are crucial to making sure your business runs as smooth as ours during a major power outage, or simply a small hiccup in the city’s electric grid. Storms come and go all year long and we can never be too certain when the next one will be the one that sets you back a week or two.

With a call-to-action plan we are always trained, prepared, and aware when there is a storm brewing in the area. So if you already have a generator in Tulsa and are needing a service provider please feel free to look up what some of our customers have to say about us in their Google reviews. We will do what it takes to get you and your company up and running. Even on a Friday at 5pm or Sunday afternoon, call the generators Tulsa expert known as The Generator Guy.

We are able to provide you with many generator options depending on your generator needs. For example, we have many clients running a clinic of some type. Veterinarians, surgeons, or even a basic care clinic. They do not need a large 100kw generator to power their building. Most of the time a basic generator will do the trick from the generators Tulsa expert.

It’s the reliability they look for and with The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa that is something we can provide. If warranty is more important then we have a 10 year extended warranty option available. Now let’s say you have a farm in Skiatook, OK and you need an 80Kw and a 150Kw for a few building you have. We can accommodate to any request you may have. Just be sure to call and schedule your Free generator consultation.

Major generator brands we offer:

  • Generac
    • Samu unit different name: Dayton & Honeywell
  • Briggs & Stratton
    • Same unit different name: Rheem & Milbank
  • Gillette
  • Kohler
  • And many smaller brands you may not heard of.

Some of the benefits of owning a generator for your business could help you secure more clients. With a previous track record you could use us as a small yet powerful beacon of light for your current employees and upcoming customers. Knowing that in the middle of a project if the power were to go out the company will not be down. Again, the generators Tulsa expert called the Generator Guy has been providing non-stop for the last several decades.

A small 15-30 seconds later you are fully back online and operational. Let’s say you are in Florida enjoying some time during tornado season in Oklahoma. Tulsa receives a tornado warning… you have the capability to go online and view the status of your generator and verify that your generator in Tulsa is prepared, ready to go! From checking voltage and current alarms/reminders you can stay one step ahead the the weather’s game of chess.

Feel free to call The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa, the premiere generator company of Tulsa generators. Not only do we service Tulsa we do the surrounding areas. So to all our neighboring cities and counties don’t spend an arm and a leg on a mileage fee, tech fee, or even a travel fee other service providers may be trying to throw on you. Know and trust The Generator Guy will treat you fair just as if you were our family. Please allow us the opportunity to be able to service and maintain your backup power needs when you need it most.