The generator is stop shop for all your generator needs. With all the brands that you part of in our possession we can provide you with the best option available in the market. The matter what size hole standby generator you are looking for the generator guy. The generator guy is always prepared for your Generac generator needs. Stalking generator parts is very crucial to our this being our service and sale department is always prepared for when your generator needs something new. Or when you need a new generator in part. Be sure to keep the generator guy of generators Tulsa in your mind at all times when you need parts for your generator.

The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa stocks many parts that may expand what your generator is capable of a load shedding can help you purchase a smaller generator yet run your entire home without having to buy a larger generator the generators out in the market are currently smarter than they were back in the day. What does this mean? This means that a Generac generator can actually cost you less than what it did 10 years ago. When it comes to purchasing a home standby generator price can be a deciding factor however quality and a warrantee can weigh many customers final decision.

A home standby generator warrantee can last you five years. However the generator guy does offer extended warranty plans. So when you buy a home standby generator you can be a warrantee is available for you. Some warranties can extend your generator’s repair life to 10 years. Now not all generators qualify for this 10 year extended warranty promotion but know that that option is available for you. The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa is very experienced with its warranties and is always ready for a warranty when you need. Generac generators are currently in the lead for the generator market.

Air-cooled generators are one of the most popular generators you can buy for your home. A home standby air-cooled generator from The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa can provide you with many running hours without having to purchase a large expense and generator. Though an air-cooled generator does run at a very high temperature the generator is buried in advance and is able to earn as little oil as possible. For you may know in air cooled engine does burn while no matter what you do to the generator this cannot be prevented but it can be reduced dramatically. The Generac generator system is a very well thought out home standby system. So when you go to purchase a generator for your home remember to think about generator and how you may be helping yourself in the future and your power goes out.

When purchasing a generator, you want to be sure to make sure you buy a generator that is capable of producing the proper power for you. The Generac generators we sell. The generator I are all specific to your home. So this means that we knew we sell you a generator for your home that we trust the brand of the generator so your home standby generator is always prepared when you need it most. The generator guy Generators Tulsa is very experienced in all the generators itself when we sell you a generator you may be confident in the decision you made by going with our team. All are air cool generators and liquid cooled generators are certified and compliance with the state of Oklahoma. So when you buy a natural gas or propane generator from the generator guy remember that the generator will always be automatic unless you requested not to be.

The automatic functions of the home standby generator are very simple when your power goes out your generator from The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa will come on without you having to go to the store and turn it on manual. How does the generator come on manually? The home standby generator comes with an automatic transfer switch on average you will get a Generac 200 and generator transfer switch. This transfer switch will have a breaker and a system control module inside. The generator control board can control when to transfer power and wind power is not needed.

So, when the power goes out on your home the generator guy sold you a generator that will do what you require to do. So, the Generac generator will automatically sense the outage part of the unit on and produce power to the home. Once utility power is restored the generator will go back on standby and shut itself off. So, you may rest assured knowing that your generator that you purchased from the generator guy of Generators Tulsa is always ready for when mother nature decides to take power away from you.

Though we can all control mother nature we may always be prepared for when it has for us sure to give a call to the generator guy for your Generac generator needs. Our phone number for the generator guy of Generators Tulsa Is 918-728-3077. You may call us any time of day or night and we will always answer the phones to be able to make sure you are always taking care of no matter what the situation is or where you are.

The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa has many years of experience working on your generators and we have text always ready to go when you need us most. So, no matter what brand you get Generac or Briggs & Stratton you may know that the generator guy is experienced and well knowledge about the generator.

Many customers always ask is between the two brand generators that we sell the most. Generac generators are the top leading brands in the market for home standby general. However, they are not the only option available to consumers some generators may not be compliance where you want to put your generator in your home. This is why The Generator Guy of Generators Tulsa has the largest selection of generators in Oklahoma to make sure no matter what the circumstances are we make set you up with the proper generator for your home.