Our Weimaraner

     I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I am a dog lover..I have an 8 year old Weimaraner, he is a big dog, (before Max I always had small dogs, like toy poodles) and spoiled do not even begin to describe him.  He is the typical Weimaraner, very clingy thinks he has to be touching you all the time, that’s how they got their nickname “velcro dog” , and trust me he is.  I got Max from a Weimaraner shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Everywhere I take him people are amazed just how well behaved he his. People you do not have to abuse an animal to get them to do what you want, it just takes time and a lot of patience. I have to remind Max of his training on occasions.  He is a human to me, my superstar, my kid….The way Max looks at me with those big eyes, I can not imagine not having him. He is my best friend and no matter what he is always there, even if it is just lay beside me when i’m not feeling well, or outside playing catch with him..    ”If you take care of them, they will always take care of you”

     There are so many pets that need a good home, people to care for them and love them even when they do mess up and trust me Max still does. Tulsa has plenty of options to find the perfect dog or even cat for you. Here are a few of some places that you can go and look and fall in love. There is the Animal Rescue Foundation located in Tulsa, Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter and Tulsa SPCA located next to us The Generator Guy in Tulsa.

     Here at The Generator Guy we have many customers that love their pets. We have seen little chihuahuas in Locust Grove to Saint bernards in Jenks, OK. With you having a home standby generator you and your furry ones will not have to worry about the scorching summer heat we get in green country. With a standby generator we can make sure you are always living life as normal… even if nature tries to disrupt your busy schedule. If you have any generator questions feel free to give us a call any time of day. We have our after hours line live and ready to go when you need us most.  


-Stacey H.